Seven good reasons why Third Person should be the first "person"
you call before starting your next web site.

  1. Available Content Management System
    Your web site can include functionality that lets you to easily edit page content -- without knowing even an ounce of programming.
  2. Search Engine Optimization Included
    Getting your web site listed on search engines is crucial to its overall success. Your web site will include the framework necessary for long-term search engine optimization, including metatags, alt tags, page titles, h1 tags.
  3. Easier site navigation through Experience Mapping™
    Ensure that your web site appeals to your target audiences and includes the desired functionality with Third Person's trademarked Experience Mapping. This unique process utilizes online and offline research to create user-friendly web sites.
  4. An attractive — and effective — User Interface
    Why settle for web sites that feel exactly like every other web site out there when you can have a site that is user-friendly, relevant, and 100% custom? Click here to see some examples of Third Person web sites for yourself.
  5. Brand-appropriate design
    Your company works hard to create a brand. Don't let your web site undermine those efforts. Whenever applicable, Third Person keeps your company's brand in mind as your site is created. (When wouldn't it be applicable? Sometimes we help clients build content management systems, learning management systems, or other projects that they want to keep separate from their regular corporate brand. Or, some clients want to redo their branding starting with their web site.)
  6. Built to Quality Web Standards
    CSS, PHP, MYSQL. AJAX. If you don't know what all those mean, don't worry. We do!
  7. Fixed (but flexible) pricing
    Sick of trying to get someone to tell you how much your web site will cost? Get some relief! We'll provide you with a web site design quote for your review within 24 hours. But, you can feel free to contact us any time to discuss your specific needs, concerns, or desired discount. We'll do our best create a solution for you that is user- and bottomline-friendly.

And here are the seven best digits to dial before starting your next web project: 414-221-9810. Call us today and start a conversation that ends with a new web site or web application that better serves the needs of your customers, your employees, and your business. Or click here to email us immediately.