Experience a difference . . .
When you choose to work with a different kind of marketing and advertising agency.

By always approaching advertising and strategic marketing communications from the end user's point of view, Third Person is able to create unique, appealing, and effective communications that speak directly to the people that matter most — YOUR CUSTOMERS. Learn more about one of the processes we utilizes that make our marketing communications strategies so effective for our clients.

The EXPERIENCE MAPPING™ Creative Process

This unique process, while initially designed for web development, ensures that Third Person gathers as much crucial information as possible about your target audience groups. This process helps to ensure the success of any marketing and advertising strategies that Third Person develops in later steps.

Marketing and Advertising Planning
In this step, we take the information we've learned through Experience Mapping and begin develop a complete marketing and advertising strategy. Third Person takes care to ensure that your strategy meets your advertising and communication needs AND your budget.

Job Conception
This is where the process really becomes fun. During job conception, we create up to three concepts and basic art direction for a specific project of your overall marketing/advertising plan. This is also the step in which clients usually start to Experience Mapping ensures the advertising and web site creative design is successful.see the value of steps one and two.

Job Development
In this step, we take your chosen concept and flesh it out. We add compelling customer-centric messaging, refine the art direction, complete the layout, and engage photographers, illustrators, and programmers as necessary to provide you with a marketing piece for your thorough review.

Job Production
Finally, your marketing and advertising strategies come to life. In this stage, we contract with printers, mail houses, fulfillment houses, event coordinators, media outlets, etc., to deliver your message to your target audience.

Job Review
Some agencies stop at step five and consider their work compelete. At Third Person, though, we believe that this is where the most important part of our job starts— follow-up. How did the marketing strategy fare with the target audience? Is it achieving its goals? Is it bringing in new leads or new sales? In this step, we will work with you to develop numbers, whenever possible, that measure the success of the project. We'll also work with you to strategize your next steps.

In this final step, we also take the time to ask you about your overall experience with Third Person. We want to make sure that you were happy with the creative, your account representative, the copywriting, the art direction, etc. If there is something you think we can improve on, we want to know about it in order to make your next experience with Third Person even better.