Most advertising agencies and web designers think and speak in the First Person. They say, “I can make responsive layouts. I know HTML5. I cost an arm and a leg.” Some firms are farsighted enough to speak in the Second Person. Typically, they spend most of their time asking about you and your company. “How can we help you? What do you want to do? How much can you afford?” But we named our advertising and web design company “Third Person” to remind us that our real task is to see things from your audiences’ point of view.

THEY are the customers who buy your product or use your service.

THEY are the investors who loan you money.

THEY are the employees who fulfill on your offer.

And THEY are the ones who will ultimately make YOU successful.

Whether we design an elaborate web site, a simple direct mail postcard, a television commercial, or any other marketing or advertising strategy for you, we always start by asking questions about the all important Third Person, such as “Who is this for?” and “Why should they care?” By always approaching advertising and web sites from the end user's point of view, we create unique, effective, and compelling strategies that speak directly to THEIR needs and help YOU succeed.


Michael Caughill
President, Creative Director


Founder of Third Person in 2001, Michael is commited to helping clients refocus on the importance of centering everything they do on THEIR clients.


Brett Hagland
Vice President, Account Service


With Third Person since 2002, Brett is integrally involved with client interactions, project management, project scheduling, and media planning and analysis.


Emily Newell
Senior Art Director


Emily has been with Third Person since an internship in 2005. She works on an array of projects as well as maintianing brand look and feel for all clients.